Jumuah Naseehah - Does Allah Love Us?

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Jumuah Naseehah - Does Allah Love Us?

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Yawm Al-Jumu’ah starts from Maghrib (sunset) on Thursday till the end of Asr on Friday.

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This week’s Jumu'ah Naseehah :

Does Allah Love Us?

by Muhammad Alshareef

After the Prophet sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam passed away, Abu Idrees Al Khawlanee (d. 80 AH/699-700 CE) in Dimishq (Damascus), went to Masjid Al-Kabeer. In the masjid he saw a group of people sitting around one man. He described the man as smiling very much and people were sitting around him asking questions. So Abu Idrees Al-Khawlanee asked, “Who is this man?”

They answered, “That is Muadh Ibn Jabal radi Allahu anhu, the companion of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam.”

The next day Abu Idrees Al-Khawlanee came to the masjid early in the morning, before Salaatul Fajr, thinking he was the first one to enter the masjid. But there he found Mu’adh Ibn Jabal radi Allahu anhu praying in the masjid before salah. So Abu Idrees came to Mu’adh and sat behind him and waited for him to complete his prayer. After Mu’adh completed his prayer, Abu Idrees went to him and said, “Oh Mu’adh! I love you for the sake of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala!”

Mu’adh Ibn Jabal radi Allahu anhu pulled Abu Idrees closer and he asked him,“Aal la hu Lillah (By Allah do you love me only for the sake of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala?)”

Abu Idrees replied, “Yes!”

At this Mu’adh Ibn Jabal radi Allahu anhu smiled and pulled him closer and said to him, “Let me give you good news, for verily I heard the Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam say, ‘Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala said, “Wajabat Muhabbati Li Mutahaabina fiya (My love is wajib upon those who love for my sake.’”

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